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Welcome to Design Build Mississauga with TheRightGuys, your premier destination for comprehensive design and construction services. With over two decades of experience in the home renovation industry, we specialize in seamlessly integrating design and construction to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of your space, creating stunning and functional environments that reflect your unique style and needs.

Our Approach to Design + Build

At TheRightGuys, we believe in open communication and collaboration throughout the design and construction process. Here’s how we approach every design + build project:

We believe in open communication and collaboration, ensuring that your voice is heard throughout the design and construction process.

Why Choose Us for Design + Build Services?

At Design Build Mississauga by TheRightGuys, we offer comprehensive expertise backed by over 20 years of experience in managing all aspects of design + build projects, from concept to completion. Our seasoned team possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional results that align with your vision and requirements.

Our integrated approach ensures seamless communication and coordination between our design and construction teams, fostering a more efficient and streamlined project experience. By combining these disciplines, we optimize the workflow and eliminate potential delays or misunderstandings, resulting in a smoother project journey from start to finish.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we prioritize understanding your specific vision, goals, and preferences. Our design and construction services are tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring that the end result reflects your personal style and enhances your living space.

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the core of our work ethic. We take pride in utilizing only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure lasting beauty, functionality, and durability in every aspect of your project. From concept design to the finishing touches, we strive for excellence in every detail.

Benefits of Design Build

A construction project can often feel like an overwhelming experience. Design-build construction takes the stress and costs out of completing your home renovation project.

By choosing a team that works together as a unit, you can ensure there are

  • NO scheduling conflicts
  • NO budget overages
  • NO risks to the integrity of your project

Having your contractor with you throughout the entire process means that the work will be on track and completed on time.



With over 20 years of experience in kitchen design and construction, we know our job and we do it right.



With our perfect kitchen renovation process, the outcome is always the homeowners’ desired result, and the journey to get there is as simple as can be.



An open and transparent conversation about the budget and desired outcome is the first step in the kitchen renovation process.



That goes without saying, but it is crucial to hire only certified kitchen professionals. The Right Guys are exactly that.