Garden suites and laneway houses are fantastic options for Toronto homeowners who want to improve their quality of living or create a rental unit. These two auxiliary dwelling options are becoming increasingly popular because they provide more privacy than an average home, while also generating income. Both scenarios leave you with a Rise in property value and many benefits from these highly sought-after home renovation projects. The Right Guys are the leading renovation contractors and builders in Toronto and the GTA area. We will help design and plan the laneway or garden suite you have always wanted!

What Is a Garden Suite?

A garden suite is a great way to create additional living space on your property. Also known as a tiny home or coach house, these backyard suites are non-severable units that are part of the ownership of the main house.

These homes are also fully serviced, meaning you can enjoy amenities like water, sewage gas and electrical service.

What Is a Laneway Suite?

Similar to garden suites, laneway suites in Toronto are completely self-contained on the same lot as the main home.

The unit is detached from the main house, however, it is smaller and usually located in the backyard near a public laneway to allow for vehicular access.

Laneway & Garden Suite Programs

There are a number of options for garden and laneway homes in Toronto to make owning one or building one a simple process. Laneway suites in Toronto are quickly gaining popularity and can easily be built due to two programs offered in the city. 

  • The Affordable Laneway and Garden Suite Program offers funding of up to $50,000 in a forgivable loan for property owners who wish to build a laneway or garden suite in Toronto. It will be forgiven in 15 years. The rent charged must adhere to the City of Toronto Average Market Rent, during the 15-year affordability period. This program is suited for property owners who want to rent their suites. This program is tailored towards property owners who intend to rent out their laneway suites. 
  • The Development Charges (DC) Deferral Program for Ancillary Secondary Dwelling Units provides DC deferral for property owners who want to build a secondary dwelling at the back of their property. Development charges are deferred for 20 years following the completion of the laneway or garden suite. Learn more here.

Rules and Regulations for Garden & Laneway Suites  

Laneway and garden suites have a number of rules and regulations they must meet before they can be approved by the City of Toronto. 

If you need more help understanding the Zoning By-law or want more information about rules and regulations concerning garden and laneway suites, check out this summary. Additionally to garden suites, it covers topics such as basements, landscaping, side yards, flooring, and more.

Cost to Build A Garden Suite Or Laneway Suite

Garden suite plans should take into consideration the same building fees and expenses as general home renovations. The size and eligibility for the city programs will have an impact on your budget and should be reviewed with your contractor. Other expenses to consider while putting your budget together include:

  • Permit Applications – Your project will require applying for building permits. The average cost in Toronto is $17.16 per square metre. Learn more about building permit fees
  • Architecture and Engineering Fees – You should also plan for contractor fees and architectural fees when creating your budget. These experts will ensure that your laneway or garden suite is aesthetically pleasing and fits into the neighbourhood design.  
  • Demolition and Construction – Your laneway or garden suite designs may require the demolition of exterior buildings as well as construction costs. Expect to pay approximately $200 per square foot to accommodate these costs.

Why Choose The Right Guys

The Right Guys are the number one design and build company in Toronto. With more than 20 years in the industry, our experts can help you with your garden suite plans or provide you with knowledgeable advice on laneway suites in Toronto.

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