Kitchen renovation in Markham is our expertise at Markham Renovations. Our skilled professionals are committed to crafting stunning and practical kitchen spaces that surpass your expectations.

Recognizing the kitchen’s significance as the heart of every home, we understand it serves as the hub for meal preparation, social gatherings, and cherished memories. Moreover, it stands as a focal point for prospective homebuyers.

In the realm of kitchen renovations, the trustworthiness of your contractor is paramount. At Markham Renovations, our seasoned team not only brings your vision to fruition but also boasts an in-house design squad dedicated to collaborating with you to achieve the ideal kitchen design.

Kitchen Renovation Contractor Markham

For over two decades, The Right Guys have been serving homeowners in Markham with stellar kitchen renovations. A kitchen renovation isn’t just about enhancing the room’s appearance and functionality; it’s also a fantastic way to instantly boost your home’s value. In fact, a well-executed kitchen renovation in Markham can increase your house’s value by up to 30 percent!

Here’s how The Right Guys can handle all aspects of your kitchen renovation needs:

  • Comprehensive Services: We specialize in providing comprehensive services for kitchen renovations, from conceptualization to completion, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.
  • Custom Cabinetry: Our skilled craftsmen excel in manufacturing and installing custom cabinetry to suit your style and preferences. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, such as our in-house CNC machine, we ensure precision and quality in every cabinet we create.
  • Countertops, Tiles, and Flooring: Beyond cabinetry, we expertly install a variety of materials including countertops, tiles, and flooring, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space.


With over 20 years of experience in kitchen design and construction, we know our job and we do it right.



With our perfect kitchen renovation process, the outcome is always the homeowners’ desired result, and the journey to get there is as simple as can be.



An open and transparent conversation about the budget and desired outcome is the first step in the kitchen renovation process.



That goes without saying, but it is crucial to hire only certified kitchen professionals. The Right Guys are exactly that.

Kitchen Renovation Company Markham

The Right Guys has a team of kitchen contractors with expert knowledge in all aspects of kitchen remodeling. From plumbing to laying tile and flooring and electrical work, we can handle all aspects of the remodeling process while keeping a clear line of communication open throughout the entire project.

Our team will help you create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of while meeting your budget.

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Custom Kitchen Renovation

At Therightguys, our bespoke kitchen renovation process always kicks off with a complimentary consultation. Here’s a glimpse into our unique approach:

  • Free Consultation: We begin by sitting down with you to understand your kitchen renovation aspirations, establish a budget, and address any queries or concerns you may have.
  • Detailed Planning: Once we grasp the overarching vision, we provide you with detailed cost estimates and progress to an in-house consultation. During this phase, we gather precise measurements and finalize the kitchen design to ensure it aligns perfectly with your expectations.
  • Transparent Communication: Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Tailored Solutions: We craft custom-designed cabinets tailored to your unique preferences and style, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.
  • Efficient Execution: With a clear project timeline in hand, we embark on manufacturing your custom cabinets while concurrently managing the demolition of the existing space and necessary preparations for the installation of new materials.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured, all our labor is covered by warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of our workmanship.

Choose Therightguys for a seamless and stress-free kitchen renovation experience that brings your vision to life.

Why Choose The Right Guys Kitchen Renovator

The Right Guys have more than 20 years of experience providing homeowners across Markham with superb kitchen remodels, renovations, and home additions. Our team is made up of experts in their related fields – from our in-house design professionals to our experienced, licensed, and insured contractors and tradespeople – and all of our work is guaranteed thanks to a comprehensive warranty program.

When you call us, we guarantee that you’re working with a kitchen renovation company you can depend on. Call us today for a free consultation, and we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

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